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It was my first time in Africa. I was both excited and concerned because I knew that one week is not enough to finish my photo project.  That is why I decided to work in a different way. First and foremost I tried not to take pictures of everything I saw (just like a tourist). For the first and second day I was more an observer than a photographer. I wanted to familiarize with the people and of course with the city. I think that I have succeeded only because that I met very friendly and helpful people in Algiers.

I choose these pictures because I think that the most important subject is the people. Even though that the main idea of my visit was to take a pictures of the architectural and cultural heritage. It’s because the cities, buildings, streets, parks are created by people for the people. That is why I mainly took pictures of people in these particular locations. I tried to observe how they work, how they rest and how they react to their surroundings. I did my best to show both the emotions and feelings of the people in Algiers, city full of surprises and mysteries. I hope that one time I will have the chance to continue my story.